Films in Competition 9: Animation

  • Quest
  • 3gen
  • WhiteScreen
  • Fulesee
  • PassingTrain
  • RitesOfSpring
  • Reservoir
  • Comprehensive
  • Agreement
  • Kill Time
  • Klimax
  • 3 Wetlands
  • Wellspring
  • Eternal Demise

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Fri, Mar 25, 2022 9:15 PM



The University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps

School of Art & Design


ASIFA/Central (Midwest USA chapter)


 This program of recent animated films from near and far includes two opposing worlds trying to co-exist; three different points of view; parasomnic experiences; the depths of their souls; the heart of the ghosts; a beautiful but disappearing world; vanishing in the wilderness; linguistic phenomena; a library as the backdrop; traces of bodies and faces; a process of transformation; sunlight and homemade slime; an attempt to reconcile opposites; and a powerpoint presentation at a business meeting.


The Quest for Freedom and the Longing for Belonging

Noam Paul

Jerusalem, Israel | 2020 | 3 | HD Video

The film’s name is taken from the book Liquid Love by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. The film investigates the tension and the pendulum swing between freedom and belonging in the context of relationships.



Paulina Ziólkowska

Warsaw, Poland | 2021 | 9 | HD Video

A child is born. A daughter becomes a mother. A mother becomes a grandmother. A grandmother … she just wants to die. Generations shift. Family members need to step into someone else’s shoes. Step forward into their future roles. But do they? Is this a step one simply makes, or an invitation to a generation’s dance? One step forward, two steps backward to escape becoming your own mother.


A White Screen Is Visible

Sohaib Bouaiss

Rotterdam, Netherlands | 2020 | 8 | HD Video


A White Screen Is Visible is a short film based on the filmmaker’s experiences growing up in multiple cultures. It abstractly documents the search to find his identity, guided through the parasomniac experiences that frequented his youth.



Christina Benz

Zurich, Switzerland | 2019 | 4 | 4K Video

Sunday, Fulesee. Two people go diving in a lake. They understand each other without a word, everything seems ok. But the dive leads them not only to fish and into darkness—it also reaches into the depths of their souls. At 30 meters below the surface, fears and stories for which they cannot find any signs in diving language suddenly rise up.


The long wail of a passing train

Anne-Marie Bouchard

Québec, Canada | 2020 | 8 | HD Video

An experimental animated film built around a single sound recording that evokes travel, the need to communicate, solitude, fragility, the desire for freedom, the arrival of fall, and our ephemeral existence.


Rites of Spring

Yiorgos Tsangaris

Nicosia, Cyprus | 2021 | 4 | HD Video


Traveling theater troupes with their pagan roots and Christian Orthodox tradition—two seemingly opposite worlds, both mysterious and both enchanting to the author.



Micah Weber

Braddock, PA | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


Image—terror—sculpture—garden—animation. From the politics of the slaughterhouse to vanishing in the wilderness: an archive of images harmonize into an ambience of violence, disengagement, and disappearance. The tone of this work should be read as an object.



Brynne McGregor

Austin, TX | 2020 | 8 | HD Video

An animated conversation in which eight voices agree and disagree about the agreement that is language.


A Comprehensive Theory

Rui Hu

Shanghai, China | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


In several languages, the word clue carries a reference to threads or ropes. In A Comprehensive Theory, a library serves as a representation of order, containing the collection and organization of human knowledge. The various linear forms have the quality of duality, as both connection and restriction, life-saving tools and deadly weapons, chaos and order, and parallel and entanglement.


Kill Time

Ben Rinehardt

Richmond, VA | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


Traces of bodies and faces devouring and cutting up the world.



Bea Hoeller

Ludwigsburg, Germany | 2021 | 3 | HD Video


In Klimax, we explore the inner world of female lust in order to redefine images of the female sex, already negatively connoted, and thus create new aesthetic associations of femininity. Our main protagonist, Barbie, goes through a process of transformation. She emerges like Alice in Wonderland into a magical world, a place of temptation and joy.


3 Wetlands

Jane Cheadle

London, UK | 2021 | 11 | 4K Video


A triptych stop-frame animation made on the floor of my London flat using water, cardboard, and homemade slime. The animations were made over a long period of time and the project was pulled together during successive pandemic lockdowns while imagining wide open marshland, mires, and swamps of different kinds.


The Wellspring and the Tower

Melinda Kádár

Budapest, Hungary | 2020 | 8 | 4K Video

When the wellspring that feeds the ecosystem runs dry, its cry for help triggers a process that uses all of the world’s resources to build a tower.


Eternal Demise

Dan Rule

New Orleans, LA | 2021 | 2 | HD Video

Wherein a PowerPoint presentation at a business meeting details some thoughts and ideas about individual and collective death.