Films in Competition 10: Almost All Ages (6+)

  • kopitoto
  • exoplanets
  • antenna
  • Well Wishes
  • Whisper Rustle
  • Alexander Mosolov
  • Rain Pot
  • Benztown
  • Floral Yearnings
  • Concession Stand Girl

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 26, 2022 1:15 PM



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Ann Arbor District Library

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Mixed genre, family-friendly films featuring a wintry forest; 4000 exoplanets; ways to grow antennas; the everyday microcosm of water droplets; a prosthetic arm; seeds, egg shells, a rotting log; Mosolov’s constructivist period; the process of making a ceramic pot; traffic chaos; reflection on beauty; and a variety of characters and landscapes.


Lisa Kusanagi, JuJu Kusanagi & Yvonne Meier

Iiyama, Japan & USA | 2020 | 9 | 4K Video

kopitoto offers us a glimpse into the snowy Japanese forests and the mythical inhabitants within.



Brian Gardiner

Montreal, Canada | 2021 | 2 | 4K Video


Some of the distant worlds orbiting other stars discovered by astronomers.


Antenna Farm

John Akre

Minneapolis, MN | 2021 | 3 | HD Video

Insects can't have all the fun! Scientists are discovering ways to grow antennas so humans can also enjoy all the advantages. Find out where antennas are grown or learn how to grow your own from this film, created with the latest in scratch-and-paint technology.


The Cosmos

Risa Okita

Otsu, Japan | 2019 | 2 | HD Video

The theme of the work is “The Beginning of the Universe.” It is said that the universe was born from “None,” which has neither time nor space nor energy. It overlaps with the everyday microcosm of water droplets. The image is composed of two parts: stillness (image in which water droplets are quietly produced) and motion (image in which water droplets actively move).


Well Wishes My Love, Your Love

Gabriel Gabriel Garble

Stockholm, Sweden | 2021 | 9 | HD Video


A boy lends his friend a prosthetic arm for the day. Meanwhile, the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun.


Whisper, Rustle

Maureen Zent

Atlanta, GA | 2021 | 5 | HD Video

Order gives way to chaos. Chaos becomes ferment. Ferment spurs fecundity. Whisper, Rustle depicts this cycle with natural and stylized elements drawn primarily from the poems and prose of W. B. Yeats. Stop-motion animated objects include sand, pebbles, flower petals, oak bark, leaves, gravel, sponges, seeds, egg shells, and a rotting log.


Alexander Mosolov. Three Pieces

Natalia Ryss

Russia & Belarus | 2020 | 3 | HD Video


The experimental film is dedicated to Alexander Mosolov’s constructivist period, as well as to the architecture and cinema of this direction, and consists of three parts named intuitively: 1. Shadows, 2. Movement, 3. Volume. Classical composers’ works for children are performed by young musicians.


Rain Pot

Gordon Moore

Providence, RI | 2020 | 9 | HD Video

Life in motion. Experimental animation meets ceramics in this thesis film by Gordon Moore. Moore blurs the line between himself, his inspirations, and his artwork as he leads us through the process of making a ceramic pot from start to finish.



Gottfried Mentor

Stuttgart, Germany | 2021 | 5 | HD Video

A town is driven mad. The city of Stuttgart fights back with heavy action against its traffic chaos, with far-reaching consequences. Other cities might follow the signal.


Floral Yearnings

Linda Fenstermaker

Mount Vernon, WA | 2021 | 3 | HD Video

An in-depth reflection on beauty.


Concession Stand Girl

Corrinne James

Philadelphia, PA / Alexandria, VA / Los Angeles, CA | 2021 | 2 | HD Video

A frog morphs through a colorful animated world, transforming into a variety of characters and landscapes. As the frog is changing shape, it catches, throws, and drives a football; weaving through the lyrics of Naomi Alligator’s “Concession Stand Girl.”