Films in Competition 11

  • Insomnia
  • Tormenta
  • vs
  • TheyDanceWithTheirHeads
  • IfICouldNameYouMyself
  • NatureMeadow
  • AnOddPair
  • Birdsaver

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 26, 2022 3:15 PM



Office Evolution



Digital Arts, Film and Television (DAFT) 



The Cohen Family Charitable Fund

This program of recent personal, animated, documentary, and experimental films includes the labyrinth of ancient forces; the impact of our actions; distance and proximity or depth and surface; an eagle on a desert island; moments of deep, loving rebellion; defective 16mm footage; a pair of strange birds; and attempts to observe, perceive, and represent the reality.


Emilia Izquierdo

London, UK | 2021 | 5 | HD Video


Insomnia explores violent waking life events as experienced in the dream insomniac state through dance and bodily movement. Using hand-drawn animation and archival footage, it takes us into the labyrinth of ancient forces battling oppression through dance and cosmic encounters. Choreographies from Martha Graham, Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang-Metropolis and others. 



Vado Vergara & Emiliano Cunha

Porto Alegre, Brazil | 2021 | 7 | HD Video


Tormenta (Storm) is a contemporary fable that is born from the anguish of seeing Brazil destroyed from the inside out. Through memories and images from the first two years of a child’s life, an atonal poem is born: a document on the chaos of the now, and the impact of our actions over future generations.



Lydia Nsiah

Vienna, Austria | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


vs (or “virtual spiral”) deals with the dynamics between time and body in film. On digital video and non-reliable 16mm film, the processual of time and (film) body is visually transformed by spiraling camera movements. The spiral runs like a thread through the film.


They Dance With Their Heads

Thomas Corriveau

Bromont, Canada | 2021 | 8 | HD Video

The severed head of a choreographer is held captive by an eagle on a desert island. With a dazzling mastery of drawing and painting, this animated short unexpectedly takes us into the sensitive world of an artist madly in love with dance.


If I Could Name You Myself (I Would Hold You Forever)

Hope Strickland

Manchester, UK | 2021 | 8 | HD Video

Cotton is a plant with connotations that far surpass its delicate white flowers, bringing to mind issues of enforced labor, of exploitation, and of colonialism. Yet the very crop for which creole women were forced into labor also offered a form of herbal resistance: cotton root bark could be used as birth control. Beneath the inherent violence of the slave economic system, we find quiet resistance.


Nature.Meadow.Sky.Long Shot

Yannick Mosimann

Bern, Switzerland | 2020 | 3 | 16mm


Images of defective 16mm footage are evoking mysterious scenes and the photographer reads his notes.


An Odd Pair

Melissa Friedling

Brooklyn, NY | 2021 | 29 | HD Video


Exploring human/non-human entanglements and (odd) kinships spawned in assisted reproductive technologies, the film tracks a search for the origin of a fugitive pair of birds while investigating the circumstances of the filmmaker’s own twin pregnancy.


Birdsaver Report Volume 2

Heehyun Choi
Los Angeles, CA | 2021 | 11 | HD Video

Wild birds continue to collide into glass walls, and humans collect, measure, and analyze to prevent it. Various attempts to observe, perceive, and represent the reality are prevalent in the history of art, film, and media. Do human vision and bird vision lie in the same world? Are we able to see the same image as the other?