Films in Competition 12

  • Keckler
  • TooBigDrawing
  • UnknownHand
  • WhenWeWereBullies
  • StayTunafish
  • OurMine
  • Emoticon
  • I Like Tomorrow

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 26, 2022 7:15 PM





Pickle Fort Film Collective 

Joseph Keckler’s Musical Performance launches this program of recent experimental films that features When We Were Bullies by Jay Rosenblatt, and includes the real world; the impact of degenerative illness; a bullying incident fifty years ago; a world of weirdos; a handful of greedy businessmen; footage from the farm; and a lonely lady astronaut.

Musical Performance (In-Person Only)

Joseph Keckler

New York, NY | 2022 | 10 min | musical performance

Singer and artist Joseph Keckler will lead the audience on an underworld adventure with a couple of his signature brief-yet-epic musical stories.


Too Big Drawing

Genadzi Buto

Grodno, Belarus | 2021 | 5 | HD Video


The drawing extends beyond the paper, outlining the real world.


Unknown Hand

Saul Pankhurst

Edinburgh, Scotland | 2021 | 3 | HD Video

An individual reflects on the inevitability of change, how we know ourselves, and how we wish to be known. This film discusses the impact of degenerative illness on one’s sense of identity and authenticity, asserting an individual’s right to approach a major change in their health in a way that remains true to them.


When We Were Bullies

Jay Rosenblatt

San Francisco & New York, USA | 2021 | 35 | HD Video

A mind-boggling “coincidence” leads the filmmaker to track down his fifth grade class—and fifth grade teacher—to examine their memory of and complicity in a bullying incident fifty years ago.


Stay Tunafish

Allie Trigoso

Chicago, IL | 2022 | 2 | SD Video

Who’s watching what? Who’s watching who? What’s going on?! A disconcerting ride through a world of weirdos and multimedia chaos.


Our Mine

Shayna Strype

Brooklyn, NY | 2021 | 10 | HD Video

In a handcrafted world where nature exists in harmony, a handful of greedy businessmen exploit a mountain’s riches. The female body becomes both landscape and characters in an exploration of what happens when Man considers himself separate from Nature. Through puppetry, animation, and wearable sculpture, this ecofeminist tragicomedy blurs the line between fable and reality.



Padrick Ritch

Boston, MA | 2021 | 2 | HD Video

Part one of a series aimed to assist people to wean themselves off of social media.


I Like Tomorrow

Jennifer Reeder & Nancy Andrews

Chicago, IL | 2021 | 10 | HD Video

I Like Tomorrow is a sci-fi comedy musical that combines live action and animation. This short hybrid film is set in an orbiting space station where a lonely lady astronaut works out a love triangle between her past, present, and future self. Each woman has a different but meaningful relationship to “space” and are all portrayed by the same actor: Michole Briana White.