Rooted Not Retro Redux

Off the Screen! Speaker Series
  • AAFF


North Quad Space 2435 Thu, Mar 24, 2022 1:00 PM


Gerry Fialka hosts AAFF alumni interconnecting their favorite films with past and current times. Survey meta-influencers nurturing community and new ways to view film. Dive into how AAFF shape behavior. Probe the hidden psychic effects and how kinetic/visual/sonic modalities mirror and echo the simplex simultaneity in cinema. Examine sense ratio shifting with James Joyce’s epiphany that technologies are analogical mirrors of our biological process. Reimagine McLuhan’s precepts as detailed by Marchessault: “The New Media offer freedom of movements, of creative thought and aesthetic perceptions that previous visual regimes did not. These portend an opening rather than a closing of different forms of engagement and interactivity.”


Gerry Fialka is an experimentalist and paramedia podcaster lecturing worldwide on subversive art, probing hidden psyche effects of inventions who has published in Canyon Cinemazine, OtherZine, CineSource, and Strange Questions: Experimental Film as Conversation. His PXLTHIS FilmFestival has been celebrating electronic folk art for over 30 years.