The Main 4 Sun, May 15, 2022 2:10 PM
Capri Theater Wed, May 18, 2022 4:30 PM
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Film Info
Original Title:Buladó
Festival Programs:Nextwave Global Features
Culture & Society
Family Drama
Family Friendly
Release Year:2020
Runtime:86 min
Print Source:Picture Tree International
Director:Eché Janga
Producer:Koji Nelissen
Derk-Jan Warrink
Cinematographer:Gregg Telussa
Screenwriter:Eché Janga
Esther Duysker
Editor:Pelle Asselbergs
Composer:Christiaan Verbeek
Principal Cast:Tiara Richards
Felix de Rooy


Age 11+, coming of age drama

On the island coast of Curaçao, 11-year-old Kenza lives on a plot of land that has been with their family for generations. As Kenza approaches adolescence, she longs for the mother she never knew. Meanwhile, her father and grandfather clash over the future of their family’s land and ancestry. Kenza’s strict dad is a policeman, assimilated to Dutch ways. However, her grandfather, who also cares for her, is in touch with the spirits of their African and Indigenous ancestors of the Afro Caribbean island. Caught in the middle of their opposing worldviews, Kenza seeks her own understanding of the mysteries of the world while facing hard truths. This courageous magical-realism coming of age film stands out as a deeper story of navigating between cultures, spirituality and reason, and life and death, based on a legend from the filmmaker’s own mixed heritage. Winner, Best Live Action Feature, NY International Children’s Film Festival 2021.

Director Biography

Eché Janga

Even as a youth, Eché Janga dreamed of being a director, and is the director of the short films “Andere Dagen” (2009), “Mo” (2010), “Ter Observatie” (2011), “Stockholm” (2012) and numerous advertisements and television programs. His debut feature film was Helium (2014). Buladó (2021) is his most recent film.