Shorts Program 8 - Rainbow Lights

  • Identibye
  • Imagine a Body
  • Real Drag
  • Rice Street
  • solvitur tondendo
  • Tank Fairy
  • Warsha

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The Main 4 Mon, May 16, 2022 7:30 PM
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General Public:$15.00 (+2 online fee)
Members:$10.00 (no online fee)
Student:$8.00 (box office only)
Film Info
Festival Programs:Minnesota Made
LGBTQ+ Currents
Shorts Program
Tags:Minnesota Made
LGBTQ+ Currents
Runtime:92 min


MSPIFF41 Shorts Program 8: Rainbow Lights

Films are listed here in screening order.

Directed by Dania Bdeir. Lebanon/France. 2021. 16 min. Fiction Short.
A Syrian migrant working on a dangerous crane finds his freedom.

Solvitur Tondendo
Directed by Willis Weinstein. USA. 2021. 3 min. Fiction Short.
Wrestling with their gender identity, a kid learns to say f**k it.

Tank Fairy
Directed by Erich Rettstadt ??. Taiwain. 2021. 10 min. Fiction Short.
A magical Tank Fairy delivers gas with sparkle and sass.

Imagine a Body
Directed by Connor Lee O'Keefe. USA. 2021. 8 min. Documentary Short.
The body expands to a new realm of possibility as Trans men reflect on taking testosterone.

Rice Street
Directed by Dan Yaj. USA. 2020. 25 min. Fiction Short.
Three Hmong teens reach a crossroads in their lives and struggle with the choices they face.

Directed by Sajjad ShahHatami . Iran. 2021. 15 min. Fiction Short.
Facing a dilemma of never-ending judgments and doubt, a man realizes one's true identity is what matters most.

Real Drag
Directed by Brad Davis. USA. 2021. 15 min. Fiction Short.
An AFAB woman befriends a drag queen and soars to new and unexpected heights.

Included Shorts

Warsha (16min) More
solvitur tondendo (3min) More
Tank Fairy (10min) More
Imagine a Body (8min) More
Rice Street (25min) More
Identibye (15min) More
Real Drag (15min) More