NEXTWAVE Shorts Program

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Capri Theater Sat, May 14, 2022 12:00 PM
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Is Q&A:True
Festival Programs:Shorts Program
Runtime:60 min


Enjoy a free program of short films by high school age media makers from all over the world. Representing the finalists from over 300 submissions to MSPIFF’s Nextwave Youth Film Competition, this year’s program was selected by the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Art Team, a group of young people dedicated to racial, cultural, and gender representation as a priority in their work to intentionally make space for youth of various backgrounds, and to create opportunities for emerging youth artists.

In a world of people getting back on their feet, we found a fountain of appreciation for just life in general. We selected a group of films that pushed the limits and made us laugh and feel. From having their heads in the clouds to boots on the ground, these filmmakers took us through a million different worlds. Featuring mind- bending adventure, explorations of togetherness and partnership, as well as a deep appreciation for the daily mundane, this program is as packed with surreality as it is down-to-earth. So please sit back and enjoy! --Mia Art Team 2021-2022

SHOWING: Nextwave Youth Film Shorts screen virtually online and at The Capri on Saturday, May 14th at noon as a part of Nextwave Youth Day.

       >> All virtual showings available beginning May 6.

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Nextwave Youth Filmmaking Competition Finalists

Approximate Runtime: ~ 60 min

Directed by: Noa Pisacic
Animation, Croatia, 3 min

Something strange happens during a bizarre basketball game.

How to be an Egg
Directed by: Vania Qanita Damayanti
Animation, Indonesia, 5 min

A little girl tells of the intolerance she’s experienced through a story of eggs.

Revolution Day
Directed by: Guadalupe (Pita) Birkbeck
Documentary, US (CA), 8 min

July 4th is American Independence Day, but are we really independent? Follow people of the revolution as they take to the streets and reclaim their independence.

3 Epistolary Films
Directed by: Collective film (10th grade students)
Fiction, France, 8 min

Aurélien, Adama, Liza. 3 short letters written and filmed by high school students in La Guerche-de-Bretagne, France.

A Three to Five Minute Film
Directed by: Solomon Goluboff-Schragger, Amelia Maxham, Fen Zavada
Experimental, US (VA), 4 min

A man’s life is cut down by an editor trying to keep his film between 3 and 5 minutes.

Leafing Through an Old Book
Directed by: Aharon Engel, Tahel Bar Shefi, Nitay Kinkulkin, Piris Eliyahu, Olga Goltser, Max Epstein
Animation, Israel, 3 min

Teenagers animate the pages of old books found around their houses during the pandemic.

Directed by: Ava Bounds
Fiction, United Kingdom, 10 min

A period piece illuminates the true story of one asylum patient’s struggle when returning home does not go as she planned.

Deep Forest
Directed by: Michael Dudov
Animation, Israel, Russian Federation, Ukraine, 3 min

Little girl Marta gets lost in a scary forest and meets a little ghost. Together, they face obstacles to get home.

Golden Vision
Directed by: Jessica Bukowski, Cassandra Ruark, Ben Hasen and Sasha Lahtinen
Documentary, US (CA), 7.5 min

Golden Gate Village is the only family public housing in Marin. Despite the county’s overall affluence, the majority-black residents must live in unsafe, unsanitary conditions due to a decade of neglect.

The Small Things
Directed by: Nico Lyle Rivera
Documentary, US (MN), 7 min

A journey through life, filmmaking, and memory.

Nextwave Youth Filmmaking Competition Selection Committee (Mia Art Team): Rogen Abdalla, Dani Bonifaz, Eden Johnson, Mahawa Keita, Linnea Ouimet, Lucia Shovein

Pre-screening by Mia Art Team Alum: Om Harris, Will Mercil, Izabella Red Feather, Rhea Viswanathan

Mia Art Team Facilitators: Crystal Celeste Price and Victoria Myers

MSP Film Society Facilitators & Programmers: Deborah Girdwood & Craig Rice

Included Shorts

Katarza (2min) More
How to be an Egg (5min) More
Revolution Day (8min) More
3 Epistolary Films (8min) More
A Three to Five Minute Film (4min) More
Leafing Through An Old Book (part 1-3) (3min) More
Beth (10min) More
Deep Forest (3min) More
Golden Vision (8min) More
The Small Things (7min) More
Nextwave Q&A - 2022 (15min) More