Inland Empire


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Jun 4 10:00 PM
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Event Type:4K DCP
Film Info
Release Year:2006
Director:David Lynch


New 4K Picture & Sound Remaster supervised by David Lynch

David Lynch’s labyrinthine Hollyweird freakout—his last feature to date—is his most uncompromising creation: a fugue-state trawl through the darkest realms of the subconscious that pushes his straight-from-the-id imagery and sinister dream logic to their extremes.

When she accepts a role in a supposedly cursed production, a movie star on the verge of a comeback (Laura Dern, in a fearless performance) finds herself tumbling down a series of increasingly disturbing rabbit holes (complete with a literal rabbit "sitcom") that lead her from the glittering heights of Tinseltown to the depths of human depravity. In his first feature shot on digital video, Lynch makes visionary use of the medium’s smudged textures and murky chiaroscuro to enhance the hallucinatory, nightmarish quality of what may be his magnum opus.

Inland Empire, originally shot on standard definition digital video tape, was upscaled to HD and output to 35mm film for its initial theatrical release in 2006. For this groundbreaking new remaster, overseen by Lynch himself, the original video tape footage was painstakingly upgraded to 4K using the latest in sophisticated AI upscaling algorithms. The result is a stunning new way to experience one of David Lynch's most unique and epic mind-bending creations.