House (1977)

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Pickford Film Center Sat, Jun 11 10:00 PM
Masks are required in lobby and bathrooms and encouraged in theaters.
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Country of Origin:Japan
Language:Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Programs:Third Eye Cinema


House, or Hausu (???), is a 1977 Japanese experimental horror film directed by the prolific Nobuhiko Obayashi (1938-2020) in his first-ever feature-length. “Experimental horror” alone as a descriptor does not fully encompass the range of this film; Hausu is an incredible hodgepodge of bubblegum teen dramas, summer beach comedies, anti-war  commentary, featuring groundbreaking editing and special effects. With its absurdity and singularity, the experience of watching Hausu feels just as much like a trip to an amusement park funhouse or a live-action cartoon as it does going to a movie. The plot involves a group of teenage girls who, through a series of convoluted events, wind up
vacationing at a haunted house that hunts them down one by one. On paper this may sound somewhat run-of-the-mill, but “forgettable” is quite possibly the last word that you could use to describe this psychedelic horror trip. Hausu made me laugh, it made me cry, and it sure changed my life; prepare to experience the same after watching this truly special piece of cinema.

-June H, projectionist

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