The Companions (Compagnons)


The Main 3 Sun, Jul 17, 2022 7:15 PM
The Main 3 Wed, Jul 20, 2022 7:15 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Compagnons
Program:Lumières Françaises
Release Year:2021
Runtime:110 min
Print Source:Elle Driver
Visual Arts
Director:François Favrat
Producer:Romain Bremond
Daniel Preljocaj
Cinematographer:Jeanne Lapoirie
Screenwriter:François Favrat
Johanne Bernard
Editor:Clemence Samson
Composer:Éric Neveux
Principal Cast:Najaa Bensaid
Pio Marmaï
Agnes Jaoui


About the Film

Naëlle (Najaa Bensaid) is 19, with an already complicated past behind her. During an integration workshop, Naëlle meets Hélène (Agnès Jaoui), her instructor, who gets her an apprenticeship with a craft guild. Despite her missteps, Naëlle manages to find her way, but not without support from Hélène and from Paul (Pio Marmai), the master craftsman who mentors her. 

Naëlle will carve a place for herself in the fascinating world of stained glass and will realize that the Companions’ values are not just empty words.

The Compagnons du Devoir is a French organization of craftsmen and artisans, dating from the Middle Ages when the Companions built the churches and castles of France. Based on apprenticeship, fraternity and ancestral know-how, they provide a traditional craft training to young people from the age of 15. Today, they can be found in 49 countries across five continents.