The Story Of Annette Zelman

North American Premiere


Coral Gables Art Cinema Mon, Jan 16, 2023 2:30 PM


The nostalgic aura of old-fashioned wartime romances envelopes this engaging and handsomely produced drama set in Nazi-occupied Paris that brings to light for the first time the tragic love story of Annette Zelman and Jean Jausion, whose affair was denounced to the Gestapo. It all started like any youthful, carefree courtship, while students at a French arts school Annette Zelman caught the eye of Jean Jausion. They quickly fell in love and fate seemed to be smiling on them. But the young man’s father could not tolerate the idea of their romance and, unbeknownst to Jean, reported Annette’s Jewish identity to the Gestapo. Tragically, soon after, she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz, and Jean was driven to despair by her disappearance and his father’s responsibility. A quintessential statement on love and romance at wartime, this riveting drama presents a story of extraordinary quality based on actual events recounted in the book Dénoncer les Juifs sous l'Occupation (Informing on Jews during the Occupation) by Laurent Joly.