MFW Decades

  • Kiri Fog
  • Max Murray Money
  • Dream City
  • Left Handed Memories
  • Missing Green
  • Dimka
  • Fabian
  • How to Make an Avatar


The State Theatre #1 Sat, Mar 25, 2023 7:00 PM




Wayne State University Department of Communication



WSG Gallery


Curated by Paul Echeverria.


The Millennium Film Workshop is a nonprofit organization invented, named, and founded in 1966 by filmmaker Ken Jacobs. He conceived Millennium as a community-based organization dedicated to providing open screenings, low-cost equipment rental, and training programs. These distinctive aspects made Millennium a valuable resource for film and media artists across multiple generations.


MFW Decades highlights these contributions and features film and digital works selected from Millennium’s ongoing calendar of events, representing almost every decade of its existence. Millennium continues to serve as one of the longest running artist-run workshops for independent and experimental cinema.


Kiri (Fog)

Takahiko Iimura

Tokyo, Japan | 1970 | 5 | 16 mm

Almost entirely white scenes in which faintly seen trees are restlessly blown by wind through fog, and then suddenly disappear into a pure white. Kiri (Fog) is a landscape film in the tradition of sansui-ga (a Japanese style of black and white landscape drawing) and is a kind of haiku film as well.


Murray and Max Talk About Money

Roberta Friedman & Grahame Weinbren

New York, NY | 1978 | 14 | 16mm to HD

We are always interested in constructing ways of evoking the pleasures of cinema without implicitly accepting an ideology—of passivity, manipulation, and repressed violence—that we would explicitly reject. Can there be films that remain cinematic without indulging in one form of pornography or another?


Dream City

Steve Siegel

New York, NY | 1986 | 17 | 16mm to Digital File

Dream City is a documentary short film of New York in the 1980s. The film includes rare historic footage (shot by Siegel) of 1980s New York, including footage of the subways, the parks, Times Square, and different neighborhoods. The film is narrated by teenagers of that era.


Left-Handed Memories

Michele Fleming
Chicago, IL | 1989 | 15 | 16mm

“Like any worthwhile piece of art, Left-Handed Memories can be read several ways. Images of frames and framed materials recur. Pages of a dictionary flip by, and it is here that the viewer can see a reference to Will Hindle … Much, the film tells us, is beautiful, and much will be forgotten.” –Tom Whiteside, Independent Spirit, Spring 1990


Missing Green

Joey Huertas

New York, NY | 2007 | 10 | Digital File

Missing Green is an upsetting “ghost story” that explores a missing college student. As we experience this film, we learn that this student has disappeared on account of her own clinical depression. Visually erected through the use of multiple formats, including the use of Pixelvision, a vintage toy camera from 1987.



Victoria Campbell

New York, NY | 2012 | 7 | Digital File

Dimka is the story of an intimate friendship between the filmmaker and a Ukrainian transgender person grappling with gender identity. At once graphic and poetic, this vérité film is a portrait of a bold individual that lives out her nonconformity, as she embraces ideologies that might be her own peril.


Cornelia/Fabian (Takes 2 & 1)

Joe Wakeman

New York, NY | 2022 | 5 | Digital File

At a jazz party in Berlin near the end of the Weimar era, actress Cornelia tells concerned moralist Fabian about her latest UFA film role.


How to Make an Avatar & Render my Body

Anto Astudillo

New York, NY | 2022 | 10 | Digital File

In this two-chapter project I piece together the progression of my HRT process, using voice documentation and virtual scenarios to recognize physical and psychological changes. Both chapters are chronological evidence of a one-year gender-affirming experience dating back to pre-testosterone days, when I first envisioned my nonbinary avatar inspired by my deepest dreams.

Paul Echeverria is a filmmaker, digital artist, and educator. He works with multiple forms of media, including film, digital video, augmented/virtual reality, performance, social media, data manipulation, podcasting, and e-literature. Echeverria is an assistant professor of digital and emerging media at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.