Films in Competition 6: Celluloid

  • Jill Uncredited
  • Daron
  • deep1
  • Looking Backwards
  • Bambi
  • Light's Return
  • Recortes

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U-M School of Kinesiology Building Fri, Mar 24, 2023 5:30 PM



University of Michigan Department of Film, Television, and Media



Gutman Gallery



David DeVarti & Ellen Rabinowitz

Jill, Uncredited 
Anthony Ing
London, UK | 2022 | 18 | 35mm
One of the world’s most prolific background actors takes center stage in this unique portrait of Jill Goldston, a fifty-year veteran of British film and television.

Daron, Daron Colbert 
Kevin Edward Steen
Detroit, MI | 2022 | 14 | 35mm
North American Premiere
Living on the edge of one the most polluted zip codes in the US, an actor prepares for a role.

Deep 1
Philip Hoffman
Mount Forest, Canada | 2023 | 15 | 35mm
North American Premiere
Filmed over 2 years (2020–2022), at home and away, Deep 1 is a diaristic meditation, flower/plant processed.

Looking Backward 
Ben Balcom
Black Mountain, NC | 2022 | 10 | 35mm
Filmed on the former grounds of Black Mountain College, Looking Backward is a brief elegy to the legacy of a utopian college and other impossible projects.

Milja Viita
Toronto, Canada & Porvoo, Finland  | 2022 | 10 | 35mm
An in-depth study of materiality and a cinematic intrusion into the body of a classic animation, where the film layers and silver halides lure the viewer to the multidimensional journey into the celluloid.

Light’s Return 
Kathleen Rugh
Bristol, NH | 2021 | 4 | 16mm
Before all magic was lost, the sun awoke to meet me on the surface of the river. The film captures an in-camera edit of this fleeting encounter.

Kimberly Forero-Arnías
Boston, MA / Bogota & Manizales, Colombia | 2023 | 10 | 16mm
North American Premiere
Field journal entries, both mine and from others, are ground together to explore what is filtered and what remains as families of fauna and flora move from one environment to another.