Films in Competition 12

  • Face Home View
  • Dying Star
  • Max and the Freaks
  • Against Reality
  • Pigment Syndrome
  • Lo-Tech Realty
  • Inside

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sat, Mar 25, 2023 9:30 PM





U-M Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies






Ken Burns

Face Home View 

Raquel Vermunt

Rotterdam, Netherlands | 2022 | 9 | 16mm

North American Premiere

Face Home View listens to the echoes of time passing, reveals traces of life, sounds, and movements. Fleeting moments captured by the silent walls of the location the work portrays.


Anton Ginzburg

Dresden, Germany / New York, NY | 2021 | 4 | DCP

North American Premiere

ML CRSH is a video work that was developed using a 3D gaming engine environment for self-driving vehicles. The AI algorithm was used to apply the database collection of photo materials and textures of Dresden to the 3D models, causing unpredictable digital artifacts. The initial video was inspired by the Media Burn 1975 performance organized by Ant Farm collective, where a customized Cadillac drove into a wall of flaming television sets. Translating it into today’s digital environment of “database logic” of new media objects and employment of AI, it features a montage of crashes of autonomous vehicles into digital replicas of art objects. The artwork turns its focus on the proliferation of database and AI technologies and disrupts its patterns with an iconoclastic gesture of a crash.

in the realm of a dying star 

Sarada Rauch

Brooklyn, NY | 2021 | 9 | digital file

World Premiere

in the realm of a dying star is a selection of three pieces from an album of music and videos by Sarada Rauch. “Topple” reenacts a history of toppled colonialist statues, “Boomerang” considers contemporary colonialism in the form of gentrification and the Anthropocene, and “Second Law of Thermodynamics” is a deliberation of everyday objects around us whose production perpetuates exploitation.

Max and the Freaks 

Nathan Clement

Geneva, Switzerland | 2021 | 18 | Digital File

North American Premiere

Max, a young man, goes through an odd night across a hazy city to discover his true self. He encounters “Les Étranges” (“The Freaks”), inhabitants of a dreamy underworld, who guide him through it, teaching him the value of love.

Against Reality  

olivia peace

Los Angeles, CA | 2022 | 5 | DCP

United States Premiere

Against Reality is a short surreal autobiographical documentary built using AI art generation tools. It is the story of how I learned to lucid dream.

Pigment-Dispersion Syndrome 

Jennifer Reeves

New York, NY | 2022 | 6 | 16mm

The diagnosis of an eye disorder incited this meditation on fear and beauty. Glimpses of curious and creative souls peek out of countless hand-painted film frames. Infinite colors and textures burst, blend, and challenge the primacy of uniform vision.

Lo-Tech Reality 

Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Detroit, MI | 2022 | 8 | DCP

United States Premiere

Against the post-industrial landscape of Detroit, visitors arrive from the sky in search of knowledge. They find nothing but traces of civilization and a coded transmission between the images and sounds of the city.

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket 

Yoko Yuki

Tokyo, Japan | 2022 | 7 | DCP

North American Premiere

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they're actually watching me. A charming animation rhyme that weaves together the many days of observing, recording, and experimenting.

left/right/wrong (or, RGB and You and Me): The Sick Sense, Part 3 (Iive cinema performance, in person only)

Brent Coughenour

Portland, OR | 2020 | 10 min | Live Video

Phasing, color blending modes, and the verbal transformation effect combine to create a sensory overload, spurring a variety of auditory and visual hallucinatory phenomena and depth illusions. These techniques are clinically proven to have salutary effects on depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronophobia, and other maladies of the mind.