Super Natural

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The State Theatre #1 Sat, Mar 25, 2023 9:00 PM



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U-M Department of Romance Languages and Literatures


Paul Schutt


Super Natural

Jorge Jácome

Funchal, Portugal | 2022 | 85 | DCP

Super Natural is a film that talks and listens, that interferes and seeks out those who are beholding it. Its desire is to abandon the screen, to take a look at those who look at it, and listen to them, but also to be smelled and seen beyond what is being seen. Super Natural is a transcendent experience occurring outside of the body, of all bodies, but particularly of one’s own. It is like a superpower and, in this movement, it focuses on the image, a sensitive existence one intends to speak with. That is why this film aspires, in a speculative gesture, to activate an effect, a hypothetical relaxation, a sensory experience for those who are off the screen as if they were on it.