Answering the Sun

  • Answering the Sun


Main Theater - Michigan Theater Sun, Mar 26, 2023 2:30 PM



James and Anne Duderstadt Center



University of Michigan Museum of Art



Tom Bray & Jeri Hollister

Answering the Sun

Rainer Kohlberger

Berlin, Germany | 2022 | 60 | DCP

Rainer Kohlberger’s work speaks of seduction, an overstimulation and deception of the senses, monochrome-pumping color surfaces, powerful drones. A night-black sequence in front of a wall of sound is followed by a hallucinatory passage without sound, which finally turns into shimmering Op art geometry. Strong light signals create afterimages on the retina, while specific acoustic stimuli stimulate the ear to generate sounds on its own, and the entire body is affected with an implicit loss of control. And in all the dizzying flickering, throbbing, and pulsating, a sun ball appears, largely bathed in vibrant colors.