Radical Curiosity: Short Films by Sam Green (2000-2021)

  • Sam Green


The State Theatre #1 Thu, Mar 23, 2023 9:00 PM



University Lithoprinters

Known for his feature films including
The Weather Underground (2003) and 32 Sounds (2022), Sam Green is also a prolific storyteller in short-form documentary. This program highlights a selection of Green’s shorts from 2000 to 2021. Visit the unmarked grave of an 18-year-old Hells Angels victim, explore the greatest pet cemetery in the world, watch fog envelop iconic San Francisco streets, and listen to the world around you with pioneering experimental composer Annea Lockwood. Green’s playful curiosity and eclectic approach guarantees something for everyone in this wide-ranging ode to grief, ephemera, history, and life itself.

Julius Caesar Was Buried in a Pet Cemetery

New York, NY |  2018 | 4 | HD

A short documentary portrait of the greatest pet cemetery in the world.

Pie Fight ’69

Sam Green and Christian Bruno

San Francisco, CA | 2000 | 8 | 16mm to Digital File

Constructed from original footage shot in 1969 and from news coverage and personal accounts, Pie Fight ’69 documents a memorable yet virtually forgotten piece of San Francisco’s cinema history.

lot 63, grave c

San Francisco, CA | 2006 | 10 | HD

lot 63, grave c is a short documentary film about Meredith Hunter, the teenager who was killed by Hells Angels at the Rolling Stones’ notorious Altamont concert in 1969.


San Francisco, CA | 2004 | 3 | 16mm to Digital

A portrait of the streetcar that passed in front of Green’s apartment in San Francisco for many years.

A Cinematic Study of Fog in San Francisco

Sam Green and Andy Black

San Francisco, CA | 2013 | 10 | 16mm/HD

A Cinematic Study of Fog in San Francisco showcases a visually compelling experience of fog and the rich feelings it evokes.

Clear Glasses

San Francisco, CA | 2008 | 4 | HD

Mark Rudd, one of the former members of the Weather Underground and one of the main subjects of Sam Green’s film on the group, sent Sam a pair of glasses out of the blue. This film is a poem of sorts about those glasses. 

Annea Lockwood / A Film About Listening

NY  & CA | 2021 | 33 | HD

Sam Green’s intimate portrait of pioneering experimental composer and musician Annea Lockwood gives a glimpse into the enthralling world of sound that she has been creating and exploring for many years. Commissioned for Counterflows 2021. 

Sam Green is a New York-based documentary filmmaker. His recent live documentaries include 32 Sounds (with JD Samson) (2022), A Thousand Thoughts (with the Kronos Quartet) (2018), The Measure of All Things (2014), and The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller (with Yo La Tengo) (2012). Green’s 2004 feature-length film, The Weather Underground, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award.