CFF14: Tales of One More Day


The Main 3 Wed, Mar 1, 2023 7:00 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Cuentos de un dia mas
Program:Cuban Film Festival
Release Year:2021
Runtime:90 min
Print Source:ICAIC
Tags:Culture & Society
Family Drama
Director:Fernando Perez
Eduardo Eimil
Katherine T. Gavilan
Alan Gonzalez
RosaEduardo Eimil
Maria Rodriguez Pupo
Carolina Fernandez Vega
Sheyla Pool
Yoel Infante Gorbacho
Katherine T. Gavilán
DB Estudios
Cocuyo Medialab
Inti Herrera
Reymel Delgado
Cinematographer:Lena Hernandez Rodriguez
Huberto Varela Hermida
Alexander González
Lorenzo Casdio Vannucci
Kevin Alvarez Córdova
Bryan González Cabrera
Screenwriter:Laura Conyedo Barral
Eduardo Eimil
Katherine Travieso de los Reyes
Carolina Fernández Vega
Jorge Miguel Quevedo González
Editor:Emmanuel Peña Anasco
Henry Ramírez Reyes
Maricet Sancristóbal Zumeta
Jorge Miguel Quevedo González
Composer:Young Kayser
Yanaisa Prieto Pedroso
Jessica Aguia Rios
Pepe Gavilondo
Yasel Muñoz
DJ Kike Wol Enrique Maresma
Principal Cast:Kamila Alejandra Garcia Godoy
Yailene Sierra
Arlettis Cazorla
Amalia Gaute
Hector Noas
Mario Guerra
Carlos Luis González Ricardo
Katherine T. Gavilán
Amalia Gaute Reinoso


Minnesota Cuban Film Festival Opening Film

About Tales of One More Day

The new feature film Cuentos de un día más (Tales of One More Day), with the general direction of the renowned Cuban filmmaker Fernando Pérez, is about what was experienced in times of pandemic, and although the general coordination of it was in the hands of Fernando Pérez, the fiction feature film is made up of six independent shorts, developed by the same number of filmmakers.

The film, according to its synopsis, tells of the inconsequential accumulation of days, of "how the human being in the face of his loneliness reinvents himself like the stories in a city that is much more paralyzed before a pandemic arrives and that, sometimes physical, sometimes of the soul, is like the rivers that go to the sea where they converge.

The survival in the midst of the crisis of a girl who lives with her mother in Old Havana; the daily life of a young woman who travels the city as a delivery person; an ex-convict who arrives in the city on curfew; a girl who spends her time photographing as far as she gives her camera lens from the balcony of her house; a trumpeter who rehearses from her house and annoys the neighbors. Such are the stories.

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) indicates that the work was carried out in just 28 days and during moments of anguish and uncertainty, in the most complex of the quarantine in Cuba.

Seven directors (four women and three men), six work teams, the pandemic, the quarantine and an improvised protocol for action in the midst of COVID-19, resulted in this feature film. Thus, the film was made up of: La trenza, by filmmaker Rosa María Rodríguez; The girl with the birds, by Alán González; Mercury, by Carolina Vega; He and She, by Yoel Infante; The days, by Katherine T. Gavilán and Sheyla Pool; and Gallo, by Eduardo Eimil.

Tales of One More Day is the first ICAIC co-production with independent production companies, in this specific case they were i4films, Wajiros Films, and DB Estudio, in association with Cocuyo Media Lab and Audiovisuales ICAIC.

About Minnesota Cuban Film Festival

The 14th Minnesota Cuban Film Festival (MCFF) features films that address the achievements and challenges of the Cuban people through the eyes of its filmmakers. The festival highlights diverse and challenging films of social change, human struggle and the boldness of the human spirit. Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, March 1-April 5, 2023