CFF14: Habana Selfies


The Main 3 Wed, Mar 15 7:00 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Habana Selfies
Program:Cuban Film Festival
Release Year:2019
Runtime:90 min
Print Source:ICAIC
Romantic Comedy
Director:Arturo Santana
Producer:ICAIC (Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos)
Carlos de la Huerta (Production Director)
Cinematographer:Alexander González
Screenwriter:Arturo Santana
Composer:Germán Velazco
Principal Cast:Roque Moreno
Saúl Rojas
Lilian Santiesteban
Neizy Alpízar
Max Alvarez
Ebert Alvarez
Migneli Hung
Armando Miguel Gómez
Yia Caamaño
Mayelin Barquinero
Yessica Borroto
Ray Cruz
René de la Cruz
Félix Beatón
Pedro Martínez
Cheryl Zaldívar
Alina Molina
Deisy Forcade
Leo Benítez
Yeni Soria
Daysi Granados


About Habana Selfies

Two men pretend to a woman in a taxi. An employee of an airport who intends to travel to Rome becomes a loving counselor. Three actors working in the kitchen of a restaurant await the arrival of a film director. A theater instructor and an aspiring actor get caught in a blackout. A young French woman does not stop dreaming before her plane lands in Havana. María Victoria de Las Tunas, confuses a man with a famous actor and kisses him in the light of an eclipse. Six love stories in Havana of the 21st century.


The film's plot includes human dramas crossed by love, eroticism and social and spiritual conflicts. Cuban filmmaker Arturo Santana began filming his second fiction feature film in the Cuban capital under the name Habana Selfies, a film that moves between melodrama, comedy and farce.


The film, with music by the experienced Germán Velazco, is made up of six stories that come to life in the daily life of the capital and have as their fundamental axis a trip by car through the night circuit of Havana.


Santana pointed out at a press conference that the idea for this project was born 10 years ago and took inspiration from other films about big cities such as Paris, je t'aime, New York, I Love you and Rio, I Love you.


Santana released his first film, Dancing with Margot, in 2015 and has continued developing various projects for film and television, without neglecting his proven reputation as a video clip director.


His debut film also takes place in Havana, although in the years between 1914 and 1958. The film, cataloged within the genre of "film noir", was born from a collaboration agreement between Cuba and Venezuela, and its plot it is based on detective stories, boxing matches and other stories crossed by jazz environments.


Havana Selfies, according to his director, should be released on November 16, 2019, when the 500th anniversary of the Cuban capital is celebrated, a city that Santana has pointed out as one of his "great obsessions".

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