IFF14: Nostalgia


The Main 3 Thu, Mar 2 7:30 PM
Film Info
Program:Italian Film Festival
Release Year:2022
Runtime:118 min
Print Source:True Colours
Director:Mario Martone
Producer:Luciano Stella
Roberta Sessa
Maria Carolina Terzi
Carlo Stella
Cinematographer:Paolo Carnera
Screenwriter:Mario Martone
Ippolita di Majo
from the novel with the same title by Ermanno Rea
Editor:Jacopo Quadri
Principal Cast:Pierfrancesco Favino (Gli anni piu’ belli IFF 2021
Corro da te IFF 2022) Francesco Di Leva
Tommaso Ragno
Sofia Essaïdi
Aurora Quattrocchi



Includes Apertitivo Italiano from 6:00 to 7:15 PM: Drinks, Appetizers and Great Company!

About Nostalgia

After living 40 years abroad, Felice (Pierfrancesco Favino) returns to Naples to meet again with the elderly mother (Aurora Quattrocchi) he had left suddenly when he was very young. Back in his hometown, he is surrounded by the words of a language that he now perceives as foreign. He gets lost among the stones of the houses and churches of Rione Sanità, a city within the city, and as we watch him walking the characteristic and lively streets, we get to witness the mystery and the memories of his youth with his childhood best friend Oreste (Tommaso Ragno) with whom he shares a dark secret. When it becomes evident that Naples represents a lost life for him, and that he should go back to where he came from as quickly as possible, he is pinned down by the invincible force of nostalgia.

Premiered at Cannes Film Festival; winner of four Nastro d'Argento awards: best director, best actor, best supporting actor, and best screenplay.


Mario Martone (Naples, 1959) is an acclaimed screenwriter, theater, and film director. Since 1985 he has directed more than 30 films, screened at the most important film festivals in the world and has 40 wins and 47 nominations for several Italian and international film awards.

After the huge success of the American premiere of Qui Rido Io at IFF 2022, we are thrilled to open our 2023 festival with Nostalgia, Martone’s beautifully shot and superbly acted latest movie and offer this Minnesota premiere.


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Produttore Esecutivo


Assitente di produzione

Albert and Susan Colianni
Penelope Scialla


Nancy Azzam
Ann Burns
Astrid Garino and Massimo Costalonga
Joe Tamburino
Alberto Orioles & Neil Tassoni,
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Catherine Allan
Brian Balleria and Joan Bechtold
Stefano Perugini
Nancy and Gary Schaefer
Kathy Moe and Jonathan Watson
Laurie Zenner
CVito Bongiorno
Giacomo & Denise D'Aurora
Bill & Sandra Gengler
Luisa O'Gara

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