IFF14: Autumn Beat


The Main 3 Fri, Mar 3 8:15 PM
Film Info
Program:Italian Film Festival
Release Year:2022
Runtime:103 min
Print Source:Amazon Prime Video
Family Drama
Black Perspectives
Director:Antonio Dikele Distefano
Producer:Marco Cohen
Benedetto Habib
Fabrizio Donvito
Daniel Campos Pavoncelli
Cinematographer:Luigi Martinucci
Screenwriter:Antonio Dikele Distefano
Massimo Vavassori
Editor:Giogio’ Franchini
Composer:Federico Albanese
Principal Cast:Hamed Seydou
Abby 6ix
Juliet Joseph
Dylan Magon
Mohamed Diallo
Marco Renna
Mamy Seny Gueye
Francesco Danquah


We are thrilled to have Antonio Dikele Distefano with us during the festival for his first feature movie screening Autumn Beat. Director Antonio Dikele Distefano scheduled to attend with Q&A. Moderator: Prof. Lorenzo Fabbri, Director of Italian Studies, University of Minnesota.

About Autumn Beat

Milan-born brothers Tito and Paco have the same dream: breaking into the world of rap music and having their voices finally heard. Paco is a born performer and Tito has a gift for writing. They seem destined for success, but ambition, life, and love for the same woman will test their bond in this exciting three-decade-long emotional journey.


In a bid to increase black representation in new Italian cinema, well-known Italian author turned screenwriter Antonio Dikele Distefano (Bursto Arsizio,1992) made his worldwide debut on Netflix Italia in 2021 with the groundbreaking mini-series, Zero, featuring a primarily black cast.

Before connecting with Amazon Italy and Netflix Italia, Antonio had already become an inspiration to many Black Italians through publishing, television, and social media projects. He went on to write five novels for Mondadori between 2014 and 2019. Along the way, he founded Esse Magazine in 2016 as an outlet for young Black artists to gain recognition and did video interviews with emerging performers. In addition, he owns the communications agency Cantera.

Antonio, with his own production company, is developing films that bring Black performers onto the world stage so they're no longer invisible. He says doing quality projects that positively portray underserved communities will give people an opportunity to exist. If the mainstream chooses to ignore them, that's their choice, but they'll no longer be invisible.


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Albert and Susan Colianni
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Nancy Azzam
Ann Burns
Astrid Garino and Massimo Costalonga
Joe Tamburino
Alberto Orioles & Neil Tassoni,
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