IFF14: Blessed Boys (La santa piccola)


The Main 3 Sat, Mar 4 8:30 PM
Film Info
Original Title:La santa piccola
Program:Italian Film Festival
Release Year:2021
Runtime:97 min
Print Source:Wolf Releasing
Women Directors
Director:Silvia Brunelli
Producer:Marco Luca Cattaneo
Valentina Quarantini
Cinematographer:Sammy Paravan
Screenwriter:Silvia Brunelli
Francesca Maria Scanu
Editor:Luna Gualano
Silvia Brunelli
Composer:Emiliano Rubbi
Principal Cast:Francesco Pellegrino
Vincenzo Antonucci
Sophia Guastaferro
Pina Di Gennaro
Gianfelice Imparato
Alessandra Mantice
Sara Ricci
Carlo Gertrude



Q&A with Artistic Director Tommaso Cammarano

About Blessed Boys

In Rione Sanita’ in Naples, Lino (Francesco Pellegrino) and Mario (Vincenzo Antonucci) are two inseparable friends that live days that are always the same. Lino is dedicated to the wellbeing of his little sister, Annaluce (Sofia Guastaferro). Their mother is not able to provide for the two, and Lino is the sole breadwinner. After Annaluce seemingly begins to perform miracles and become the Patron Saint of the neighborhood, a door opens to a new world that will lead them to take different paths, risking everything, even the most important thing they have: their fraternal friendship.


La Santa Piccola won the Biennale Cinema College 2019/2020 and was presented at the Venice International Film Festival in 2021. Biennale College announced Silvia Brunelli (Rome, 1988) to the European Council for Euroimages fund which elected her as the newcomer European director of 2020 to promote gender equality in the movie industry. Thanks to this, Silvia was mentioned in the first edition of "The Gold Album Female Directors" published in 2021 to celebrate women directors supported by Euroimages in the last 20 years. After graduating in law, she wins a scholarship at the New York Film Academy and starts working for some of the major Italian film productions first as an intern and then becoming an assistant director. Her first feature film La Santa Piccola is now touring in film festivals around the world.


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Albert and Susan Colianni
Penelope Scialla


Nancy Azzam
Ann Burns
Astrid Garino and Massimo Costalonga
Joe Tamburino
Alberto Orioles & Neil Tassoni,
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