IFF14: The Lord Of The Ants (Il signore delle formiche)


The Main 3 Sun, Mar 5, 2023 3:45 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Il signore delle formiche
Program:Italian Film Festival
Release Year:2022
Runtime:130 min
Print Source:The Match Factory
True Story
Director:Gianni Amelio
Producer:Simone Gattoni
Beppe Caschetto
Cinematographer:Luan Amelio Ujkaj
Screenwriter:Gianni Amelio
Edoardo Petti
Federico Fava
Editor:Simona Paggi
Principal Cast:Luigi Lo Cascio (Lacci IFF 2021)
Elio Germano
Sara Serraiocco
Leonardo Maltese



Q&A with Artistic Director Tommaso Cammarano

About The Lord of the Ants

A powerful drama based on true events from 1968, the controversial trial of Italian poet, playwright, and director Aldo Braibanti (Luigi Lo Cascio), who was prosecuted and sentenced to prison on charges of plagiarism for his relationship with a younger male student that caused a nationwide scandal. The charges, resting on a rarely cited Fascist-era law, are brought by the family of his partner Ettore (newcomer Leonardo Maltese) who, trying to extract the young man from Braibanti’s influence, commits him to a psychiatric hospital. Amidst a chorus of voices of accusers, supporters and a largely hypocritical public, a committed journalist (Elio Germano) takes on the task of piecing together the truth, facing suspicion and censorship in the process. Beautifully directed and supremely performed, Amelio’s film is a strong reminder of the conflicts that simmer just below the surface of 'civilized' society, as much now as ever. 


Gianni Amelio (Magisano, 1945) is an Italian director. His father moved to Argentina soon after his birth, and he spent his youth and adolescence with his mother and his grandmother. The absence of a paternal figure will be a constant in Amelio's future works. After studying philosophy, he moved to Rome, where he began working as an assistant director. He made his film directing debut in 1982, after a long career in television. He is the winner of numerous international awards, including three EFA awards for best European film.


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Albert and Susan Colianni
Penelope Scialla


Nancy Azzam
Ann Burns
Astrid Garino and Massimo Costalonga
Joe Tamburino
Alberto Orioles & Neil Tassoni,
Children's Respiratory and Critical Care Specialists

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Catherine Allan
Brian Balleria and Joan Bechtold
Stefano Perugini
Nancy and Gary Schaefer
Kathy Moe and Jonathan Watson
Laurie Zenner
CVito Bongiorno
Giacomo & Denise D'Aurora
Bill & Sandra Gengler
Luisa O'Gara

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