Sana Que Sana

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Seeking Adulthood
Zinema 2 Thu, Mar 30, 2023 5:30 PM
From Colombia to Hungary to Ohio, some things are universal. These stories capture the tragedy and beauty of getting older.
Film Info
Release Year:2022
Production Country:United States
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Director:Gabriella Aguirre


Sana Que Sana explores the process of healing and emerging from a lifetime of betrayal. It documents a woman discovering her husband's lifelong secret amid his accelerating dementia, his absolution. This short film navigates death and honor in the context of religion, culture, shame, and devotion in Colombia. Sana Que Sana utilizes both documentary and interpretive elements to illustrate the cyclical nature of forgiveness, while offering the underlying question: who is seeking the healing? Approached from a perspective two generations removed, Sana Que Sana layers intimate voice-over interviews with the filmmaker's grandmother over 16mm and 35mm footage shot in both Cali, Colombia and New York City.