The Accident


The Main 3 Sat, Apr 22 9:30 PM
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Film Info
Original Title:O Acidente
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
LGBTQ+ Currents
Release Year:2022
Runtime:95 min
Print Source:Patra Spanou Film
Culture & Society
Family Drama
First Feature
Director:Bruno Carboni
Producer:Paola Wink
Jessica Luz
Cinematographer:Glauco Firpo
Screenwriter:Marcela Ilha Bordin
Bruno Carboni
Editor:Germano de Oliveira
Bruno Carboni
Composer:Maria Beraldo
Principal Cast:Carol Martins
Gabriela Greco
Luis Felipe Xavier
Carina Sehn
Marcello Crawshaw


Director Bruno Carboni’s debut feature is a shocking look at class conflicts and social media and was a festival favorite at the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia.

Joana (Carol Martins) is pregnant and eagerly anticipating her first child. A translator who enjoys her work, she’s riding her bike to work when she is struck by a vehicle driven by Elaine (Gabriela Greco). In an alarming episode of road rage, Elaine speeds up as Joana clings to the hood of the car while Elaine’s son, Maicon (Luis Felipe Xavier), films from the passenger seat with his phone. Although Joana brushes the incident off, things become much more volatile when Maicon uploads the video on YouTube. Joana is suddenly drawn into a family drama between Elaine, Maicon, and Elaine’s ex-husband Cléber (Marcello Crawshaw), all of whom seek to use Joana to achieve their own troubled ends. Bruno Carboni’s tense and emotional first feature has left festival audiences shaken. “A barbed comedy about human failings and the equally human tendency not to be truthful about them.” –Peter Howell, Toronto Star

Director Biography

Bruno Carboni was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and is a prolific editor, who has worked on dozens of short and feature films. His debut as a solo director, "The Roof Above Us" (2015), premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. The Accident (2022) is his feature debut.