Blue Jean


The Main 4 Thu, Apr 13, 2023 7:30 PM
The Main 2 Fri, Apr 21, 2023 9:55 PM
Film Info
Festival Programs:World Cinema
Women & Film
LGBTQ+ Currents
Release Year:2022
Runtime:97 min
Country/Region:United Kingdom
Print Source:Magnolia Pictures
Historical Drama
Culture & Society
Women Directors
Women's Rights
First Feature
Director:Georgia Oakley
Executive Producer:Jim Reeve
Eva Yates
Producer:Hélène Sifre
Co-Producer:Marie-Elena Dyche
Cinematographer:Victor Seguin
Screenwriter:Georgia Oakley
Editor:Izabella Curry
Composer:Chris Roe
Principal Cast:Rosy McEwen
Kerrie Hayes
Lucy Halliday
Lydia Page


England, 1988. Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government introduces Section 28, a clause of the Local Government Act, which seeks to prohibit “the promotion of homosexuality” by local authorities across the United Kingdom. The threat is immediate and real for 20-something gym teacher Jean (Rosy McEwen), who keeps her sexuality a secret from her colleagues. If exposed, her love life could cost her her job. At work, every sidelong glance, every whisper, and every query about Jean’s private life feels like a threat. But Jean’s closeted existence gets no sympathy from girlfriend Viv, who is out and proud, and part of a co-operative of similarly assertive lesbian women, Viv regards secrecy as capitulation to an increasingly oppressive system. As pressure mounts from all sides, the arrival of a new girl at Jean’s school catalyzes a crisis. First-time writer-director Georgia Oakley sensitively explores a period of politically propagated homophobia, something that is happening even now in Florida. Winner, Audience Award, Venice Days, Venice Film Festival –Alissa Simon

Director Biography

Georgia Oakley was born in Oxfordshire, England in 1988, and is the director of numerous award-winning short films that have appeared in festivals worldwide. Her debut feature, Blue Jean (2022) premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2022 and won the Giornate Degli Autori People’s Choice award.