Cairo Conspiracy


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Film Info
Festival Programs:Midnight Sun
Release Year:2022
Runtime:120 min
Print Source:Samuel Goldwyn
SWANA Stories
Director:Tarik Saleh
Executive Producer:Harry Bouveng
Patrick El Cheikh
Fares Fares
Per Josefsson
Linda Mutawi
Camilla Nasiell
Lars Rodvaldr
Tarik Saleh
Katja Salén
Toni Valla
Jean-Paul Wall
Emil Wiklund
Kristina Åberg
Producer:Fredrik Zander
Kristina Åberg
Co-Producer:Mikael Ahlstrom
Per Bouveng
Rémi Burah
Anna Croneman
Alex Hansson
Monica Hellstrøm
Misha Jaari
Mark Lwoff
Alexandre Mallet-Guy
Peter Possne
Olivier Père
Signe Byrge Sørensen
Toni Valla
Cinematographer:Pierre Aïm
Screenwriter:Tarik Saleh
Editor:Theis Schmidt
Composer:Krister Linder
Principal Cast:Tawfeek Barhom
Fares Fares
Mohammad Bakri
Makram Khoury


From Tarik Saleh, the director of the award-winning The Nile Hilton Incident, comes a bold, nuanced thriller set in a complex world Westerners rarely see. It centers on gifted student Adam (Tawfeek Barhom), a naive fisherman’s son from a small village, who is offered a scholarship to study at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the power epicenter of Sunni Islam. Shortly after his arrival, the university’s highest-ranking religious leader, the Grand Imam, suddenly dies and Adam finds himself a reluctant pawn in a ruthless power struggle between Egypt’s religious and political elites. As Adam’s enigmatic Security Services contact Colonel Ibrahim, Fares Fares plays brilliantly, never revealing the real motives of his actions. From his vantage point as a Swedish filmmaker, writer/director Saleh has more freedom than Egyptian artists to portray disparate facets of the country. A treat for the eyes, the fabulous-looking film was shot in Turkey as Saleh has been banned from his father’s country since 2015. Winner, Best Screenplay, Cannes Film Festival –Alissa Simon

Director Biography

Tarik Saleh was born in Stockholm in 1972 and is a renowned producer, animator, publisher, journalist and film director. His features include Gitmo (2005), Metropia (2009), Tommy (2014), The Nile Hilton Incident (2017), The Contractor (2022) and Cairo Conspiracy (2022) which was nominated for the Palme d’Or at last year’s Cannes Film Festival.