Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind


The Main 2 Tue, Apr 25 4:30 PM
The Main 2 Thu, Apr 27 1:45 PM
Film Info
Programs:Midnight Sun
Release Year:2022
Runtime:94 min
Print Source:Greenwich Entertainment
Culture & Society
Women's Rights
Social Justice
Director:Stig Björkman
Executive Producer:Diana Holtzberg
Producer:Stina Gardell
Cinematographer:Albin Biblom
Screenwriter:Stig Björkman
Dominika Daubenbüchel
Stina Gardell
Editor:Dominika Daubenbüchel
Composer:Mathias Blomdahl
Principal Cast:Laura Dern (voice)


Joyce Carol Oates is one of America’s greatest writers, with a career that has spanned seven decades. Her fiction has examined American life, from the Detroit riots to the life of Marilyn Monroe. Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind is the first documentary about this literary icon.

Swedish film critic and director Stig Björkman approached Oates 16 years ago in the hopes of making a cinematic portrait of her before she finally agreed. With unprecedented access to her process, interviews with Oates and other contemporaries, viewers get a first-hand account of this fairly elusive writer. Examining her life from the time that she was young, Björkman captures one of our foremost authors as she focuses on the lives of women and people of color, and has always been uncompromising in its view of American power and privilege.

Director Biography

Stig Björkman is regarded as one of Sweden’s most accomplished critics and filmmakers. His documentaries typically focus on the lives of filmmakers or writers, and include I Am Curious, Film (1995), …But Film is My Business (2010), and Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (2015), among many others.