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Film Info
Original Title:Ustyrlig
Festival Programs:Midnight Sun
Women & Film
Release Year:2022
Runtime:135 min
Print Source:TrustNordisk
Women's Rights
Women Directors
Historical Drama
Health & Wellness
Mental Health
Director:Malou Reymann
Executive Producer:Calle Marthin
Henrik Zein
Producer:Matilda Appelin
Co-Producer:Anna Warfvinge
Eva Åkergren
Cinematographer:Sverre Sørdal
Screenwriter:Malou Reymann
Sara Isabella Jønsson
Editor:Ida Bregninge
Composer:Lisa Montan
Principal Cast:Emilie Koppel
Jessica Dinnage
Lene Maria Christensen
Anders Heinrichsen
Danica Curcic


At a time when women must fight again for control of their bodies, this affecting, fact-based, period film about a rebellious teen forced into the Sprogø Women’s Home in the 1930s, contains extra resonance. Lively Maren (charismatic new talent Emilie Kroyer Koppel) comes from an impoverished background and she’s not afraid to party hard after working a long day as a factory seamstress. But as she gains a reputation for promiscuity and the neighbors gossip, her mother lets the paternalistic Danish state take guardianship, before, as they say, she begins a life of crime. Labeled “slightly mentally deficient and antisocial” Maren is taken against her will to the island home for wayward women. There on Sprogø, where the harsh administrators aim to make the women fit to re-enter society, and the head doctor supports eugenics-based sterilization, life starts to fade from her eyes and her spirit is eventually broken. Winner, Nordic Film Prize, Goteborg Film Festival –Alissa Simon

Director Biography

Malou Reymann was born in 1988 in the Netherlands, and has a Master’s degree in Directing Fiction from the National Film and Television School in England. Her feature debut, A Perfectly Normal Family (En helt almindelig familie) (2020), debuted at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Unruly (2022) is her most recent feature.