Four Little Adults


The Main 1 Sat, Apr 22, 2023 1:40 PM
The Main 1 Wed, Apr 26, 2023 4:15 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Neljä pientä aikuista
Festival Programs:Midnight Sun
Women & Film
Release Year:2023
Runtime:122 min
Print Source:LevelK
Women Directors
Director:Selma Vilhunen
Executive Producer:Kirsikka Saari
Jenni Toivoniemi
Selma Vilhunen
Producer:Venla Hellstedt
Elli Toivoniemi
Cinematographer:Juice Huhtala
Screenwriter:Selma Vilhunen
Editor:Antti Reikko
Composer:Sarah Assbring
Jacob Haage
Principal Cast:Alma Pöysti
Eero Milonoff
Pietu Wikström
Oona Airola


Having tackled familial dysfunction in her fiction feature debut Little Wing (2017) and romantic woe in her follow-up Stupid Young Heart (2018), Finnish writer-director Selma Vilhunen blends the two themes in her engaging polyamory drama Four Little Adults evoking the middle-class relationship sturm-und-drang of much of Ingmar Bergman’s work.

From the Sundance Film Festival, here’s a modern love story about a couple who venture into a polyamorous relationship and must confront the challenges it creates. Juulia (the magnificent Alma Pöysti from Tove -- and soon to be seen in Aki Kaurismaki’s latest) is a successful Member of Parliament with a seemingly perfect marriage with her pastor husband Matias (Eero Milonoff, Border). But when Juulia finds out Matias has had a year-long affair with Enni (Oona Airola), she collapses. To save her marriage, Juulia invites Enni to be a part of their lives, using a book about polyamory as a guide. As Juulia explores the new rules, she finds love with young performer Miska, who seems to be the most mature of the quartet. There is a lot of respect amongst the quartet, but no matter how hard they try, there are always new issues to resolve in their brave new world. Winner, Best Actress, Goteborg Film Festival –Alissa Simon

Director Biography

Finnish director Selma Vilhunen was nominated for an Academy Award for her 2013 short film “Do I Have to Take Care Of Everything?” Her features and documentaries include Little Wing (2016), which appeared at MSPIFF, Hobbyhorse Revolution (2017), Stupid Young Heart (2018) and Four Little Adults (2023).