Two Trains Runnin'


Capri Theater Fri, Apr 14, 2023 5:00 PM
Film Info
Festival Programs:Milgrom Tribute
Release Year:2016
Runtime:80 min
Black Perspectives
Culture & Society
Human Rights
Social Justice
Director:Sam Pollard
Executive Producer:Common
Producer:Benjamin Hedin
Cinematographer:Natalie Kingston
Screenwriter:Benjamin Hedin
Editor:Dava Whisenant
Composer:Christopher North
Principal Cast:Common (narrated by)


Two Trains Runnin’ is a feature-length documentary directed by Sam Pollard, narrated by Common, and featuring the music of Gary Clark Jr. The film pays tribute to a pioneering generation of musicians and cuts to the heart of our present moment, offering a crucial vantage from which to view the evolving dynamics of race in America. Named one of the best documentaries of 2017 by Rolling Stone magazine, Two Trains Runnin' was also honored with a Grammy nomination for Best Music Film.

In June of 1964 hundreds of college students, eager to join the civil rights movement, traveled to Mississippi, starting what would be known as Freedom Summer. That same month, two groups of young men--made up of musicians, college students and record collectors--also traveled to Mississippi. Though neither group was aware of the other, each had come on the same errand: to find an old blues singer and coax him out of retirement. Thirty years before, Son House and Skip James had recorded some of the most memorable music of their era, but now they seemed lost to time. Two Trains Runnin' revisits an important moment when America's cultural and political institutions were dramatically transformed.

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