Shorts Program 04: Space & Time

  • Añoranza
  • Brutal Utopias
  • Stillness of Labor
  • The Alkonost
  • The Fruit Tree
  • The Life and Death of Gaia
  • This Is How I Felt


The Main 1 Wed, Apr 19, 2023 7:10 PM
Film Info
Festival Programs:Shorts Program
Runtime:89 min
Tags:Minnesota Made
Women Directors


Filmmakers Attending.

Films are listed in screening order.

Brutal Utopias | Developers intend to create a utopian neighborhood in Minneapolis; but neighborhood pushback limited it to the Cedar Riverside towers.
Director: Morgan M. Adamson | Runtime: 35 min | Country: USA

The Fruit Tree | A woman views a rental property in a sleepy desert town, evoking memories of her childhood.
Director: Isabelle Tollenaere | Runtime: 14 min | Country: Belgium

Stillness of Labor | An abandoned garment factory conjures up the imprint humans leave behind in spaces of heavy repetition.
Director: Chris Larson | Runtime: 9 min | Country: USA

This Is How I Felt | A sensory exploration of twenty-four hours wearing a heart monitor.
Director: Josh Weissbach | Runtime: 2 min | Country: USA

The Life and Death of Gaia | The entire history of planet earth told through B&W photos -- until new life takes over.
Director: Jerry Toth | Runtime: 17 min | Country: USA

Añoranza (Nostalgia) | A violinist performs an original musical piece throughout the city.
Director: Andrés A Parra | Runtime: 5 min | Country: USA

The Alkonost | A hiker goes on a spiritual quest to find a mythical bird.
Director: Christianne Marie Hedtke | Runtime: 7 min | Country: 2

Included Shorts

Brutal Utopias (35min) More
The Fruit Tree (14min) More
Stillness of Labor (9min) More
This Is How I Felt (2min) More
The Life and Death of Gaia (17min) More
Añoranza (5min) More
The Alkonost (7min) More