The Sideshow


The Millwald Theatre Sat, Jul 22 6:30 PM
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What’s Hotter Than July?  The Sideshow rolling up to the Millwald Theater on July 22, 2023 is!!  You’ve either experienced past Sideshows or you’ve heard the buzz, this is a new experience that you can’t miss.  The Sideshow has become famous for showcasing the best local and roots music talent in the area and has something for everyone’s taste. This year has two new groups and the usual, unusual, surprises in store.  Come for the new Folk group and stay for the party Finale.  One thing is for sure,  you’ll have the best time you’ve had all year!

Another premiere music event with net proceeds donated to charity created and brought to you by Mylaworldwide, Inc.,  and in partnership with The Millwald Theatre, Inc.