Nuclear Now


The Main 1 Mon, May 8, 2023 7:00 PM
Film Info
Program:Special Screenings
Release Year:2022
Runtime:104 min
Print Source:Abramorama
Climate Change
Science & Technology
Director:Oliver Stone
Producer:Fernando Sulichin
Maimilien Arvelaiz
Rob Wilson
Cinematographer:Korkut Akir
Lucas Fuica
Steven Wacks
Screenwriter:Oliver Stone
Joshua S. Goldstein
Editor:Brian Berdan
Kurt Mattila


Special Screening & Conversation | Monday, May 8 at 7:00pm

The screening will be followed by a conversation with Eric Meyer, Director of Generation Atomic Generation Atomic, Isabel Ricker, Clean Electricity Director at Fresh Energy, and Dan King, Policy & Outreach Manager at Xcel Energy.

About the Film

With unprecedented access to the nuclear industry in France, Russia, and the United States, Nuclear Now explores the possibility for the global community to overcome the challenges of climate change and energy poverty to reach a brighter future through the power of nuclear energy.

Beneath our feet, Uranium atoms in the Earth’s crust hold incredibly concentrated energy. Science unlocked this energy in the mid-20th century, first for bombs and then to power submarines. The United States led the effort to generate electricity from this new source. Yet in the mid-20th century as societies began the transition to nuclear power and away from fossil fuels, a long-term PR campaign to scare the public began, funded in part by coal and oil interests. This campaign would sow fear about harmless low-level radiation and create confusion between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. Looking squarely at the problem, Oliver Stone shows us that knowledge is the antidote to fear, and our human ingenuity will allow us to solve the climate change crisis if we use it.

Based on the book A Bright Future by Joshua S. Goldstein and Staffan A. Qvist.

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