Film Info
Director:Karen Gehres
Running Time:80
Year of Release:2013
Premiere:World Premiere


With so many NYC Institutions dropping like flies, due to skyrocketing rent, one barbershop remains. Since 1939, Astor Barber has been cutting hair with pizzazz and is still one of NYC's most loved institutions. Many have their hair cut from cradle to grave...literally! The Vezza family, their loyal customers and over 50 stylists working at Astor show why this three generation family owned business attracts 'em all. From the beginning they had a no nonsense commitment to cut hair the way you want resulted in lines down the block. There was a lull in the business in 70’s thanks to the longhaired hippies, but then came the 80’s and they became known for some of the most iconic punk rock and new wave hairstyles. From the street there’s not much to see but pass through the doors into a cavernous wonderland that celebrates not just hair, but the very essence of a NYC that has endured against all the odds.- JM