Film Info
Director:Michael Nirenberg
Running Time:98
Year of Release:2013
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


“Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story” is directed by Michael Lee Nirenberg whose father is William Nirenberg, the former creative director for Hustler Magazine in the late 70s/early 80s. He was one of the many creative minds behind publisher Larry Flynt’s famous magazine. While Hustler’s controversial publisher has garnered much attention over the years, it was the photographers, models, art directors, editors, and writers who actually created the explosive content month after month. Being the first national magazine to “show pink” created a dangerous environment for the people who assembled the magazine. Death threats were constant, as were endless legal battles and there was the assassination attempt that left Larry Flynt paralyzed. The turbulent history of the skin trade is told for the first time by Flynt, the cartoonists, the models, the attorneys and even the competitors of the time including the last interview of Al Goldstein the infamous publisher of Screw Magazine.- JM

* Filmmakers in attendance for post-screening Q&A on 6/8 and 6/10