Film Info
Director:Dave Carroll
Running Time:93
Year of Release:2013
Premiere:San Francisco Premiere


A deeply moving and inspiring story exploring the life of 43 year-old Chris Schoeck, a Queens, NY native training to become a professional oldetime strongman and his struggle to overcome limitations of body and mind. The story follows Chris’ journey from his early days training in his small basement storage unit to his very first performance on the big stage at New York’s historic Coney Island. Alongside his trainer Chris Rider, he meets living legends and heroes within the strongman community. As these characters come alive, a long forgotten time is revisited. The men perform feats that defy limitations of human strength and pain: twisting horseshoes and nails with their bare hands, breaking chains with their hair, and bending coins with their teeth. Chris is learning from the greats. His training is progressing at a remarkable pace… he is determined to become a professional strongman.

But as the filmmakers follow Chris through his successes and failures, more is uncovered about this endearing yet introverted character. It soon becomes clear that Chris is not only searching for recognition and acceptance within this community, something he hopes will fill a growing void in his life. He is also facing crippling fears and insecurities, many of which are revealed for the first time as the cameras roll. A remarkable innocence is uncovered. The film bears witness to a tenacious man struggling to come out of his shell – to shed both physical and social limitations that have held him back his entire life – limitations that now threaten his dream of success. What unfolds is a touching story of one man’s epic struggle for acceptance and fulfillment, two things which have always seemed just out of his reach.

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