Finntastic! Aurora + Clumsy Little Acts of Kindness


The Main 5 Sun, Sep 10 7:00 PM
Film Info
Program:Finntastic! New Films From Finland
Release Year:2019
Runtime:114 min
Women Directors
Director:Miia Tervo
Executive Producer:Riina Hyytiä
Producer:Mahsa Malka
Cinematographer:Arsen Sarkisiants
Screenwriter:Miia Tervo
Editor:Antti Reikko
Composer:Jaakko Laitinen
Lau Nau
Principal Cast:Mimosa Willamo
Amir Escandari
Oona Airola
Hannu-pekka Björkman
Miitta Sorvali
Chike Ohanwe
Ria Kataja
Pamela Tola


Finntastic! New Films from Finland | September 8-10

The Finntastic! film series showcases the exciting vision and new work by prize-winning female directors from Finland. Finntastic! is curated by MSPIFF programmer Alissa Simon in collaboration with the Finnish Film Foundation.

Sunday, September 10 at 7:00 PM | Presenting two dramedies by writer/director Miia Tervo: Aurora, preceded by her short film Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness. Aurora originally screened at the 2020 MSPIFF online festival and is being presented at The Main Cinema for the first time.

About the Films

Finland | Written & Directed by Miia Tervo | 2019 | 105 min | Finnish, English, Persian | Fiction, Dramedy

One night at a hot-dog stand in Finnish Lapland, a commitment-phobic party animal, Aurora, meets Iranian Darian. Darian suddenly asks her to marry him. Darian needs to marry a Finnish woman to get an asylum for himself and his daughter. Aurora turns him down, as she is busy working as a nail technician and plans to move to Norway, away from her shit life. However, after meeting his sweet daughter, Aurora agrees to help him. As Aurora introduces numerous women to Darian, the two of them grow close. When the perfect wife candidate comes along, Darian and Aurora are faced with a difficult choice: pretend to be happy or to finally stop running.

Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness (Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia)
Finland | Written & Directed by Miia Tervo | 2015 | 9 min | Finnish | Fiction, Comedy

A weekend father wants to show his teenage daughter his love by taking her to a carwash, but instead of the carwash they end up on a life-changing adventure in the supermarket, at the endless sanitary towel shelf. They get "help" from an older lady who shares a bit too intimate stories of her experiences around and majorly off the theme.

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