Silent Revue: VAMPYR (1932)


Revue Cinema Sun, Oct 29, 2023 4:00 PM
Film Info
Revue Series:Silent Revue
Release Year:1932
Production Country:Germany
Original Language:German
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Carl Theodor Dreyer
Cast:Maurice Schutz
Rena Mandel
Sybille Schmitz
Jan Hieronimko
Henriette Gérard


"VAMPYR is perhaps the most effective and most radical Surrealist movie ever made.”

--Richard Brody, The New Yorker


With VAMPYR, an arthouse master of the silent era turned his attention to the horror genre with his ethereal, torturous, and haunting follow-up to the terrifying THE PASSION OF JOAN ARC. An adaptation of the Victorian short story “Carmilla,” VAMPYR was Dreyer’s first sound film, yet he stuck close to silent-era storytelling technique, minimizing dialogue and utilizing intertitles.


A drifter obsessed with the supernatural encounters a French inn where a young woman is succumbing to a mysterious blood-borne disease. As she transforms into a creature of the night, he must confront the town’s castle and its decrypted inhabitant to save her. Unsettling and deeply erotic, Dreyer’s film was a forbearer of the future vampire genre. With its dreamy, hypnotic visuals and reinvention of narrative form, it was largely dismissed upon its release, but today is considered a keywork in both Dreyer’s filmography and the horror genre. Add stunning cinematography from Rudolph Maté and set design from Hermann Warm, VAMPYR is a surrealist horror masterpiece not to be missed this All Hallows’ Eve. (ALICIA FLETCHER)



Live accompaniment by Ugly Beauties (Marilyn Lerner, Matt Brubeck, and others TBC)



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