Sound Unseen: Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story + Mississippi Creates: Big Clown (short film)


The Main 3 Sat, Nov 11, 2023 7:15 PM
Film Info
Program:Sound Unseen
Release Year:2023
Runtime:104 min
Director:Born Innocent: Andrew Reich
Mississippi Creates: Christina Huff


Saturday, November 11 at 7:15 PM

Director Andrew Reich Attending!

Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story preceded by the short film Mississippi Creates: Big Clown.

About Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story

Born Innocent makes the case for Redd Kross as the seminal West Coast band of the last half century. Formed in 1978 by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, and still actively playing and recording today, Redd Kross are the ultimate rock and roll lifers. They have influenced independent music in ways that beg to be acknowledged. From inventing Beach Punk to influencing the Grunge and Hair Metal movements, Redd Kross have maintained the highest level of musical integrity, originality and quality for over forty years. They are the underappreciated link between countless threads of Los Angeles rock. The band that connects Black Flag to The Partridge Family, The Runaways to The Cowsills Seeds, The Go-Go’s to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Born Innocent will introduce a wider audience to two of the coolest people alive. The McDonald Brothers embody Southern California, rock and roll, and what it means to be an artist.

About Mississippi Creates: Big Clown

Big Clown, a punk band that calls both Jackson, MS and Memphis, TN home, are interested in creating short, fast, disruptive bursts of creativity in a region of the country usually associated with negative stereotypes and a lack of underground culture.