Sound Unseen: Cora Bora + The Weenies (short film)


The Main 3 Sun, Nov 12, 2023 4:15 PM
Film Info
Program:Sound Unseen
Release Year:2022
Runtime:106 min
Director:Cora Bora: Hannah Pearl Utt
The Weenies: Garance Chagnon-Grégoire


Sunday, November 12 at 4:15 PM

Cora Bora preceded by the short film The Weenies.

About Cora Bora

Comedy queen Megan Stalter lights up the screen like a ticking time bomb in her leading role debut as the titular anti-heroine of this socially explosive comedy of errors from Hannah Pearl Utt (Before You Know It). Messy, delusional, and unwilling to establish a boundary, Cora shuffles between open mics as an aspiring musician in her adopted home of Los Angeles with little to no success — but when she suspects her long-distance girlfriend of moving on and beginning a new romance without telling her, she packs up and heads home to Portland on a mission to save (or, hold hostage) her flailing relationship. Chaos ensues. Featuring an all-star supporting cast including Manny Jacinto, Chelsea Peretti, Margaret Cho, and more, Utt’s spiky sophomore feature crafts incisive cringe comedy from the main character syndrome gripping our self-centered times while offering redemption in the form of acceptance for the things we cannot change.

About The Weenies

Philomene and Carolanne are the feminist punk-rock group The Weenies. After a fiery argument both their friendship and their highly (un)anticipated gig are put at risk.