Out of the Blue


Coral Gables Art Cinema Sat, Dec 9, 2023 10:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1980
Runtime:94 min
Director:Dennis Hopper
Format:4K DCP


4K Restoration & Florida theatrical premiere

This screening of Out of the Blue will be preceded by a pre-recorded introduction by Julian Schnabel, John Alan Simon, Elizabeth Karr and Brian Cox.

Don Barnes (Hopper) is a truck driver in prison for drunkenly smashing his rig into a school bus. Linda Manz (Days of Heaven) plays CeBe, his daughter, a young teen rebel and outsider obsessed with Elvis and the Sex Pistols. Her mother Kathy (Sharon Farrell), a waitress, shoots up drugs and takes refuge in the arms of other men, including her husband’s best friend, Charlie (Don Gordon). CeBe runs away to Vancouver’s punk scene and ends up on juvenile probation under the care of well-meaning psychiatrist Dr. Brean (Raymond Burr). After Don’s release, the family struggles to reconnect and start over before the revelation of dark secrets leads to a harrowing conclusion.

Academy-award Nominated Chloë Sevigny and Emmy-nominated Natasha Lyonne helped support the restoration and came on board to support the movie as credited “official presenters". The restoration premiered in competition at the 76th Venice Film Festival in the classics division and was made from the original 35mm camera negative with sound from the original 3-track magnetic master.