Revue Cinema Wed, Mar 27 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1988
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Robert Bierman
Cast:Nicolas Cage
María Conchita Alonso
Jennifer Beals
Elizabeth Ashley
Kasi Lemmons


UnCAGED: Vol. 3 – 80s Edition


Lock up your daughters, infants, fiancés, and secretaries, UnCAGED is back with Volume 3, wherein we celebrate the master of Western Kabuki during the decade he came up: the 1980s. Shedding his ensemble roles and emerging as a bonafide leading man, Nicolas Cage ushered in the eighties with genre re-defining masterworks, including the crown jewels of romcoms (VALLEY GIRL & MOONSTRUCK); a beloved Coen Bros. caper (RAISING ARIZONA); and a depraved, satirical horror (VAMPIRE’S KISS). The ‘80s were a time of defining what “uncaged” would come to mean and offered some of the dreamiest, and yet also monstrous of Cage iterations. 


Presented without irony and with a respect for theatrical presentation, celebrate Cage in his 60th year on earth every Wednesday in March. On-site bonus: an in-cinema UnCAGED marketplace for all your Cage collectible needs, including last edition’s sold-out Cage Trading Cards from artist Keenan Tamblyn, Cage shirts and totes, limited edition posters, and more!


Deeply depraved, and responsible for ushering in decades of internet memes, VAMPIRE’S KISS saw Cage close out the ‘80s with one singular, incomparable, and notorious performance. Equal parts comedy, horror, and erotic thriller, VAMPIRE’S KISS is the ultimate ‘80s business monster satire (beating out AMERICAN PSYCHO by a full decade). Cage plays Peter Loew, a literary agent living out the yuppie Manhattan dream. Narcissistic, reckless, and prone to violence, Loew is a metaphorical and maybe true monster, having been bitten in a nightclub by a mysterious woman (Jennifer Beals).


Drawing upon his lifelong obsession with Dracula, Cage is an alarming, surreal incarnation of a cursed predator. He based his unforgettable physical performance on Max Schreck’s Count Orlok in F.W. Murnau’s German Expressionist masterpiece NOSFERATU. The true pinnacle of Cage’s “scorched-earth method acting,” VAMPIRE’S KISS lives up to more than its memes and clip montages.  (ALICIA FLETCHER & BRENDAN ROSS) 


Digital Presentation Courtesy of Park Circus