Habana Blues


The Main 3 Thu, Apr 4 7:00 PM
Film Info
Program:Cuban Film Festival
Release Year:2005
Runtime:110 min
Print Source:Pyramide Films
Tags:Culture & Society
Music Video
Director:Benito Zambrano
Producer:Antonio Perez
Cinematographer:Jean Claude Larrieu
Screenwriter:Benito Zambrano
Ernesto Chao
Editor:Fernando Pardo
Composer:Jose Luis Garrido
Enrique Ferrer
Dayan Abad
Equis Alfonso
Principal Cast:Alberto Joel
García Osorio
Roberto Sanmartín
Yailene Sierra
Tomás Cao
Uriza Zenia
Marabal Marta
Calvó Roge
Pera Julie Ladagnous


About the film

This is a Spanish and Cuban film by director Benito Zambrano which tells the story of two young musicians in Cuba. The two musicians, Ruy and Tito, whose music is a mix of traditional Cuban music and more modern music such as rap, get a chance at an international breakthrough through a Spanish record company, but they would have to change their Cuba-themed lyrics to cater to an international audience. Ruy considers this a betrayal of his country and his art, whereas Tito recognizes the financial necessity of it. Art versus commerce, nationalism versus globalism, and communism versus capitalism are some of the themes of the film.

About Minnesota Cuban Film Festival

The Minnesota Cuban Film Festival is organized by the Minnesota Cuba Committee, in collaboration with MSP Film Society and ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute). The Minnesota Cuba Committee is responsible for the film selection and program information. The 15th Minnesota Cuban Film Festival features films that address the achievements and challenges of the Cuban people through the eyes of its filmmakers. The festival highlights diverse and challenging films of social change, human struggle and the boldness of the human spirit. The festival starts Wednesday, February 28 and runs for five consecutive Thursdays through April 4, 2024.