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The State Theatre #1 Fri, Mar 29 1:00 PM



University Lithoprinters

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U-M Clements Library Map Division


Jeri Hollister & R. Thomas Bray



A Stranger Quest

Andrea Gatopoulos
Rome, Italy | 2023 | 90 | DCP
North American Premiere

After spending the last thirty years amassing one of the biggest map collections in the world (which he secretly calls his poem), David Rumsey, who is about to turn eighty, is confronted with the ghosts of his life as the end inches closer.


presented with short in competition

Help Desk

Anna Gyimesi

Budapest, Hungary | 2023 | 16 | DCP

Help Desk is a hypnotic hand-drawn animation: a mysterious transmission revealing playful geometric possibilities. The film provides a meditative and contemplative space, oscillating between flatness and depth, control and instability.