Films in Competition 4

  • Velleity
  • Catalog '93
  • Madwomen: to be a sparrow not a canary
  • Getting OK With Being OK That Things Are Not OK
  • In the Ice, Everything Leaves a Trace
  • Clear Ice Fern
  • Metamorphosis' Chantings Or That Time When I Incar
  • Dickinsonia. Les archives sensibles





Community Partner

The Ecology Center


Meg & Lawrence Kasdan


Brandon Fecteau
Detroit, MI | 2023 | 4 | digital file
World Premiere

Velleity is a narrative experimental film exploring the idea of transformation and connecting with nature. Utilizing a mixed media format, this film shows the transformation through cycles of life, using flatbed scanned flowers as well as a plunge into cold water in the Japanese tradition of misogi.


Catalog '93

Grau Del Grau

Los Angeles, CA | 2023 | 4 | DCP
North American Premiere

In the catalog, I learned about a lot of things.


Madwomen: to be a sparrow not a canary

Johannes Lõhmus & Sten Haljak

Tallinn, Estonia | 2023 | 23 | DCP
United States Premiere
A housewife confronts situations to which no sane response exists…. "Madwomen: to be a sparrow not a canary" is an experimental found footage melodrama composed entirely out of film footage shot in Soviet Estonia from 1960 until 1969—an experimental collage creating an alternative narrative to the storylines in the animations, documentaries and feature films of that time period.


Getting OK With Being OK That Things Are Not OK

Zoë Irvine & Pernille Spence
Edinburgh & Dundee, UK | 2023 | 4 | DCP
World Premiere

This film represents an exploration into ideas of precarity and collapse, moments of the not-yet-happening as well as irreversible smashes. How do we learn to live in uncertainty? When the future holds promise of breakdown? We embrace the absurdity, the moments of lightness and humor. We are actively trying to get OK with not being OK that things are not OK.


In the Ice, Everything Leaves a Trace

Christoph Oeschger & Gianna Molinari
Zurich, Switzerland | 2022 | 13 | digital file

United States Premiere

As Arctic ice melts, borders shift, once inaccessible places and resources become accessible, and new claims to raw materials and territories are made. The Arctic is changing like never before, from a romanticized image of wild, harsh nature to a technological place full of economic interests. The Arctic has become a hot spot of border shifts and geopolitical interests. This essay film is a poetic approach to this place and makes the invisible visible.
Clear Ice Fern

Mark Street
New York, NY | 2023 | 12 | digital 

Images shot through architectural glass on Super 8mm film in the dead of night in NYC.  The title refers to one of the glass samples I used to frame up images of Times Square and other nightspots in NYC. The city peeks its head in as an off screen character, but the glass bends and twists it in its own warped and wonderful way.

Metamorphosis’ Chantings Or That Time When I Incarnated As Porpoise

Ainá Xisto
Lisbon, Portugal | 2023 | 11 | DCP
World Premiere

Life is metamorphosis, bounding from being to being as new ways of saying “I.” In 16mm, Ainá Xisto prints an abyssal record guided by a more-than-human relationship through dreamlike landscapes, creating a magical reality inhabited by real characters, opened up to dialogue and to others.

Dickinsonia. Les archives sensibles

Charline Dally
Montréal, QC, Canada | 2023 | 11 | DCP
North American Premiere

Dickinsonia, a 550-million-year-old oceanic species, has left very few fossils. Its soft, skeleton-free body has left almost no trace of its existence, leaving scientific thought in doubt. Like the dissolution of this ancestral life form, our oldest memories, blurred and embedded in the depths of our consciousness, seem to leave only vague traces. Unexplained ripples that run through our tissues, shaking us at times. The film is intended to be a place of intimate listening which, by allowing us to see and hear subtle presences and vibrations, invites us to pay particular attention to the fragments of history that constitute us, especially those we have wished to forget.

Pride Bar at LIVE Nightclub
102 South First Street
Music by DJ Medusa