Paid In Sweat: MONEYBALL (2011)


Revue Cinema Thu, Apr 4 7:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2011
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Bennett Miller
Cast:Brad Pitt
Jonah Hill
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Robin Wright
Chris Pratt




Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), general manager of the Oakland A’s, has one of the tightest budgets in the major leagues. To change his luck, he uses unorthodox means by recruiting an Ivy League nerd (Jonah Hill) with a plan to turn a hundred years of baseball tradition on its head.



This is the beginning of our Macho Misfits series, where we look at men once at the top their game who are now in a rut. We love watching underdogs trying to dig themselves out using unorthodox means. Moneyball is a great start. A rugged Brad Pitt looks to Jonah Hill, and his numbers and spreadsheets, to change the thoughts and minds of hardheaded men—players, and fans—who are set in their ways. Though the story is nothing new (see Jerry Maguire), Moneyball takes those themes and refines them. It opened a a door to a decade of business biopics, from Air to Blackberry to Dumb Money. What makes Moneyball special (and a game changer in cinema) is a balance between business, love of the game, love of family, loyalty and pride. It’s a film that makes you want to root for things you didn’t know you cared about. It’s a dream watch on the big screen with a crowd. Start spring off right with the romance of baseball. See ya soon! (VANYA GARRAWAY)