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Richard & Elizabeth Berman




Joesef Ouarrak
Warsaw & Mazowieckie, Poland | 2023 | 70 | DCP
World Premiere

After seven years, Donata finally returns to her daughter Anna’s cabin house, but the reunion turns sour when her daughter Iza is distant. Donata’s already fragile state is pushed to the brink when she experiences blackouts and panic attacks, only for Iza to vanish into thin air. As the search for Iza intensifies, Anna accuses Donata of being responsible, triggering a chain of events that will uncover a web of hidden family secrets.


presented with short in competition


Anna Gyimesi

Budapest, Hungary | 2023 | 16 | DCP

To get on with her life, Els, a mother in her forties, has to accept her adult daughter’s decision to ask for psychiatric euthanasia.