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  • Dreaming Angel

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Helin Çelik
Vienna, Austria | 2023 | 91 | DCP
North American Premiere

Anqa is an intimate portrait of three women who decide to stand up and speak out, who declare that they exist despite the threat of death. It is an exploration of a woman’s inner life and, in its most extreme, of the painful traces memory carries when the outer world is at an impasse. Although the film places emphasis on the inner conflicts of the women, the socio-political climate of the era they live in is also tangible. The narration subtly ties together the crisis of thought in confrontation with misogyny and systemic, patriarchal violence, revealing the inextricability of political and social life from the life of the individual.


presented with short in competition

A Dreaming Angel

Phoebe Gloeckner & Aliyah Mitchell

Ann Arbor, MI | 2024 | 20 | digital file

A cartoonist’s fever dream digs in on her relationship and memories with the Chavez Caldera family of Colonia Anapra, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, through an archive of media spanning over ten years.